Animal Rescue

People often abandon cats and dogs when they find them to be a burden. This is a cruel and inhumane act. It is also a misdemeanor which, as a cat and dog owner, feel it isn’t served often enough. Even though most of us have strong feels about dogs and cats being abandon do they even think of domestic ducks or geese being abandoned?

Believe it or not abandoning a domestic duck or goose is also against the law and carries the same punishment as abandoning a cat or dog.

Many people adopt ducklings and goslings as a novelty in the spring at feed store or as a cute little Easter gift. Those little cuties become a burden as soon as they poop in the Easter basket. Believe me … ducklings and goslings poop, ALOT. Those who have not read up on the responsibilities of ownership soon find out that they tend to be messy, need shelter and poop ALOT.  Also due to city ordinances, it is illegal to own them in some areas.

When some people find that these little cuties can live for ten or more years, they often drop them off at ponds and lakes thinking they are doing them “a favor.”

It is no “favor” because domestic ducks and geese, due to genetic breeding no long have the ability to fly well, if at all, and those little webbed feet don’t lend to fast running .   They become emaciated, weak and susceptible to predator attacks and malicious intent, along with getting snagged on discarded fishing lines, sinkers, hooks and the like. Many people feed moldy bread which is unhealthy and may cause fatal fungus infections.  They are forced many times to drink runoff water from sewers with high bacterial counts and get foot or leg injuries from walking on cement and hard surfaces.

Please don’t purchase ducks or geese for children at Easter or at feed stores because they “look cute.”   As a dedicated duck owner I can testify that caring for these lovely and loving creatures can take time and is only for those who are dedicated to take their time to do so.

More information, about duck and goose abandonment can be obtained at the website for Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary which is run by Kimberly Link.   Stories about abandonment in her book, “My Name is Destiny,” is especially touching and led me to adopt five of my own ducks.