Egg aplenty

Hello everyone.

I had planned to write about Cayuga ducks this week but instead decided to share a photo of my ducks’ eggs.   Every day the ducks have been contributing at least six eggs to my growing collection.   All duck eggs do not look alike.   The large ones are usually laid by the white Pekins (Alfack, Quacker and Lil’ Darlin’.)   The medium are from Winchester (Khaki Campbell,) Smudge Underwriter (Cayuga,) or Lady Waddletail (Welch Harlequin.)   The smaller ones are from the Indian Runners (Fire Fawn and Smoke Frecklefoot.)   The light blue one is from Smoke.   All of them taste wonderful.

Bakeduck eggs 02rs like to duck eggs because the goods are more moist and rise more.   They make fantastic deviled eggs but Momma and Papa Duck use them for everything.

Duck eggs are especially nutritious and are sometimes good for people who are allergic to chicken eggs.

Here is a chart for those of you who like to know the nutritional value of your food.

duck egg nutrition

Quackin’ and flapping’ from all the avian population of the Adams’         Y-Knot Ranch in Loma Rica, CA


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