Indian Runner Ducks

Smoke & Fire Fawn 01
Smoke & Fire Fawn

Indian Runner Ducks are a breed unto themselves.   They have no concept of a “waddle.”  As their name implies, they run and look quite adorable doing so.   I have included this video to show what they look like and their purpose.   Although I have two as pets, they were originally bred to forage in rice paddies.   Many walk over 1,000 miles in a lifetime.

Although they are called Indian Runner Ducks they are not from India.  They were first bred in Asia and were taken out in the rice fields every day to forage on bugs and other little pests.   The ducks were walked out each day.  A flag was put up and the ducks were trained to stay within sight of the flag.  In the evening they were walked back and put into their pens.   The owners did not turn them loose until around 9:00 so they would lay their eggs in the pens and not out in the field.

The breed made their way to England when trade opened up between the two countries.   Once in England they became very popular.   They can be found in various colors including white, chocolate, black, fawn and white, penciled as well as some more exotic colors such as lilac.   They stand fairly upright and look a little like bowling pins or wine bottles.   Although they are described as “flighty,” most people who have them as pets, such as myself, find them to be quite personable and friendly.

A bit more regarding Runner Ducks in a couple days.



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