Why Not Ducks introduction

Ducks fall behind the chicken when it comes to America’s most popular barnyard fowl but in Asia, and many places in Europe, the duck reigns supreme.

Why Ducks?  Well, why not?

The new website / blog, Why Not Ducks, will have information on duck care, duck health, duck breeds, duck abandonment and adoption, duck egg nutrition, duck stories, and other duck related information.

Should I own ducks?  What is the best diet?  What protection do ducks need from predators?  Are all ducks the same?   What does duck ownership involve?

Did you know that ducks who are kept in a safe, healthy environment can live to be over ten years old or that only one breed of domestic duck originates in North America?   If you don’t, and are interested in more duck facts, are considering duck ownership, or just find ducks to be amusing, drop by and check out the website / blog Why Not Ducks?





5 thoughts on “Why Not Ducks introduction”

  1. Ducks RULE! I love them. I have five Indian Runners right now, and one of the mommas just hatched 3 more (so 8 total!). I’m so excited. They’re also at about +1000 on the adorable scale.

    1. You’re right. Ducks do rule. Such personality! Those Runners are certainly full of personality. Mine will both eat out of my hand and will climb in my lap for green peas! I am going to expand that article but I was in a bit of a hurry.
      I have really been enjoying your goat articles. I can tell you really love your goats!

      1. That’s AMAZING. My ducks are no where near that. I have four grey ones who think I’m the devil apparently, one who’s half runner who sort of likes me — and I’m bound and determined to make the ducklings she just hatched like me. Have any articles on taming duck-raised chicks? Ha!

        1. No,really, I can find a few articles. Most important is for them to get used to you as soon as possible. The thing I used to get the ones who were flighty to get friendly were treats. Mine love frozen peas, dry cat food, watermelon, etc. I sit on the ground when I give the the peas and cat food. I suggest sitting on the ground. If they won’t come up to you, toss the treats to them and then toss them closer and closer. I have a little Khaki who was very shy but now is one who comes right up to get goodies. One of the ducks I adopted is finally eating out of my hand. The drake I adopted is still a bit shy but he also has to contend with nine other ducks who get in between him and me.
          The little guys can have the peas (I fed some to mine) but the dry cat food has to wait until they are grown. If you go online there are some articles about duck treats.

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