Why Not Ducks introduction

Ducks fall behind the chicken when it comes to America’s most popular barnyard fowl but in Asia, and many places in Europe, the duck reigns supreme.

Why Ducks?  Well, why not?

The new website / blog, Why Not Ducks, will have information on duck care, duck health, duck breeds, duck abandonment and adoption, duck egg nutrition, duck stories, and other duck related information.

Should I own ducks?  What is the best diet?  What protection do ducks need from predators?  Are all ducks the same?   What does duck ownership involve?

Did you know that ducks who are kept in a safe, healthy environment can live to be over ten years old or that only one breed of domestic duck originates in North America?   If you don’t, and are interested in more duck facts, are considering duck ownership, or just find ducks to be amusing, drop by and check out the website / blog Why Not Ducks?





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