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Hello everyone.


Why Not Ducks? is presently a work in progress.

The site is going to be a website/blog that will include information about duck care, duck health issues, duck breeds, duck egg information, duck abandonment and adoption, general duck information and true life duck stories.   It will hopefully have info to help duck owners and potential owners but It should also be just fun for anyone to read.   My plan is to attach this to a dedicated Facebook page.  When that happens, I hope I get some “likes” and some friends.

This site and blog will take a few weeks to develop so please be patient.

In the meantime, if you see those fuzzy adorable creatures with those cute little bills and webbed feet  in the farm or pet store, please don’t buy them for someone’s Easter basket.   First off, ducks poop ALOT and no one is going to be endeared with a creature that poops in their Easter basket.   Ducks are not the neatest animals and poop ALOT.   I have found no way to keep the brooder clean for more than two seconds.    Unless you have studied and read information about duck care, please don’t buy the little cutie.   The wrong food or careless handling can cause life-long health issues.  Many people abandon these ducks after a few weeks when they discover that they are more work than they imagined.   Please don’t be one of those folks who leave the duckies by the local pond or lake thinking you are doing them a “favor.”   It is no favor, but we’ll get to that in a later post.

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